Mozart Sonata K. 280 in F Major Practicing Tips

Mozart Sonata K. 280 in F Major

Allison Wang- Piano

*This is a required etude for NJ All State Audition 2020-2021 season. Includes SLOW technique demonstration for 2 note slurs, triplet phrasings, and suggested music markings.

  • 0:00– Suggested Score Markings & Piece Play Through
  • 4:50– The Classical Sonata Form
  • 6:41– Section Breakdown
  • 7:26– Sonata Form as a Story
  • 10:00– Technical Breakdown
  • 11:26– 1st Theme Orchestral Sound re-imagined
  • 13:46– R.H Exposition-Transition SLOW Practice
  • 15:08– R.H Triplet Grouping/ Phrasing
  • 15:59– Two-Note Slurs Technique

Published by Allison Wang

A pianist; passionate in understanding and connecting people with music.

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