Fun with Keys

This program is aiming towards children age 5-10 to build a solid foundation in note reading, ear training, and piano playing. Students in this program will be able to read and play music independently after just 4 months and explore different kinds of music (classical, jazz, rock n’ roll, movie scores and more!). There is no reason to play solely the method book tunes during the beginning stages of piano playing; it is going to be fun and easy, and students will develop a sincere interest in music learning.

Transcript Booster

When parents hear certifications and exams they get nervous because they think it is additional work that kids have to prepare for. In reality, most students are already playing and memorizing music required for those exams. There are lots of benefits in preparing for RCM, ABRSM, or State Festivals: students get more performance experiences, receive feedbacks from adjudicators, receive certificates for passing each level, and they can use these acclamations in their resumes and transcripts when applying for colleges and jobs. It is very much a goal-oriented learning experience during different stages of their piano playing journey. I have prepared many students for all of these exams; all of them are well prepared and passed each level with great confidence. If this is a path you or your child is interested in, let’s chat a bit more to see which certifcation best fit their needs.

Fun with Keys- Accelerated

Like Fun with Keys, but this is aiming more towards teens and up, or students with developed cognitive thinking and coordination. Since students at this age are able to recognize patterns and think logically much faster than when they are younger, understanding the fundamentals of piano playing and basic music theory will come at a much faster pace. After that, students are able to explore music that they like, and learn more about other genres of music through piano playing.

NEVER too late!

I love teaching adult learners 🎹 It is such a joy to see students who are determined to continue lifelong learning, especially in music! We will enjoy playing piano while escaping from the stress of school/ work, or life in general. Let’s talk about your aspirations in piano playing, and I promise we can make them all come true!

Pro Pianist Intensive

As a professional pianist, I have auditioned and competed in more events than I can count. I’ve won numerous national and international awards and competitions, and I know what the audition process is like. If you are a serious pianist looking for guidance in audition and/or competition preparation, we will dive deep and discuss detailed steps to form a concise plan for your future.

If you have any questions about any of these programs, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to chat with you and help you get your piano playing journey started!

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