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The Value of Your Time and Tuition

  • I promise that students will find it easy to learn piano!! Students will fly through the fundamentals and be able to read music by themselves after 4 months.
  • It will be a safe, fun, easygoing, and engaging environment that ensure positive music learning.
  • Start lessons early on, and create musical memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime.
  • I am fully committed and dedicated to my students. I tailor my teaching based on different students’ personality, and I keep in constant communication so we all work together to ensure students’ progress.
  • Give students freedom to express their creativity through arts and music while collaborating with others.
  • Instill a discipline and work ethic that applies to all aspects of life.
  • I believe in goal-oriented learning: students will have the opportunity to prepare for two performances a year, and performance workshops offered with other professional pianists and teachers.
  • Lastly… Why Piano? I believe learning piano as the first instrument sets the foundation for life-long music learning. If down the road students are interested in joining school or community choir, band, and/or orchestra, learning a secondary instrument will be much faster. My journey in music learning started in piano, then when I decided to join band in middle school, I picked up the saxophone a lot faster than most other students.

As a professional pianist and music enthusiasts, I am so happy you are interested in learning how to create music. I know it can be overwhelming finding the right teacher to help you learn an instrument. In the last 5 years, I’ve taught students ranging from age of 3 all the way to age of 75. I’ve encountered so many different personalities and have adapted different teaching strategies to ensure high success in students’ growth. I create a light, fun, and energetic environment, and encourage students to be independent learners and problem-solve. My role will not be the lecturer and talk to students every lesson, I mentor students in the learning process and have students experience piano playing first hand. No matter what your reason for learning might be, I am deeply committed in sharing my passion and knowledge with all of you. 

Lessons In Your Home

I know bringing your child or yourself to my studio can be added stress every week, especially with work, chores, and everything else that is going on in life. That’s why I offer In-Home services that works with your schedule, so it will be hassle-free while learning at the convenience of your home.

Lessons In Studio

If you would like to have a more traditional setting for lessons, let’s meet here in my home studio. A separate focused environment away from home for lessons, and let’s have a fun and engaging time!

Lessons Online

I have been teaching online successfully with students all over the U.S for over 10 months now. And I have to be honest, I have found that this method of learning works best with students 7 and up. All we need is Wi-FI Connection, a device for Zoom meeting, and music in front of you to have successful lessons. I also have fun online activities and tools to help students stay engaged while learning the fundamentals.

**Allison’s COVID-19 Response: For everyone’s well-being, I am implementing safety measures to ensure that everyone stays healthy while continuing their piano learning journey: In-home lessons: we will social distance at the convenience of your home while wearing face mask. In-studio lessons: will be conducted 6-feet apart while wearing face mask. Each student will use hand sanitizer at the entrance, and the piano will be sanitized after each student. Or to avoid all contact, online lessons are an option as well.


Intro Lesson (30 Mins)FREE
30 mins Lesson$50
45 mins Lesson$65
60 mins Lesson$80
Allison is currently based in Boulder, CO

(Read about my Teaching Philosophy)

Let’s make wonderful musical memories together!

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